Saturday, October 11, 2008


i have intended to buy food clips every day since wednesday and have still managed not too. i suck.

however, i did write a sketch show yesterday. yes, i am serious. one of the sketches was already written, but i basically rewrote it to fit it in. i can't decide if i love it or if i hate it. so i am working on editing it now. i was going to edit it all this afternoon, but instead i bought the 'new' terry pratchett book, FINALLY. all books should be released in mass market paperback form first, 'making money' came out 2 damn years ago. there is actually an actually new terry pratchett book just out, but the damn thing is 16.99. FUCK THAT!!11

i was really looking forward to a nice night in, doing laundry and enjoying a delicious dinner. however, i felt terrible all evening and now i have no energy. i am still going to do those things, but now i will be real tired while doing them.

i just remembered i bought sweeney todd like 4 weeks ago and still haven't watched it. i am awful. yay night in!

time to switch to the drier! wish me luck.

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