Monday, October 27, 2008


i just realized that ainsley hayes (west wing) and harriet hayes (studio 60 on the sunset strip) have the same last name. that's right, two feisty blonde republican characters written by aaron sorkin, and based on his ex-gf kristin chenoweth, also have the same last name.

come on aaron sorkin. really... come on! i know you have like 4 stories and 6 characters total, and i also know that i will watch them in whatever form you choose to distribute them, but really? you didn't have a different last name in the arsenal?

i miss discussing west wing with college friends.


Adam Hobson said...

Both of those characters are also snapshots for each of their shows, Ainsley Hayes was an interesting and dynamic character, Harriet was a walking stereotype.

ruby sneakers said...

round 1, hobson vs sorkin... POINT TO HOBSON!!