Thursday, October 16, 2008

birch beer

i found out last night that the astor place kmart stocks stewart's birch beer and i had kittens of happiness in the store. and then my head exploded into candy at the site of all the happiness kittens.

i brought one into work to drink with lunch and it's so satisfying. best soda. i think i used up most of my bonus meals my freshman year buying them from the diner.

the tomato basil with tortellini 'soup' (which i got to compliment the 'mozzarella and fontina but just kidding there's really no fontina in it' sandwich) is really just an excuse to put 4 tortellini in a serving of pasta sauce. don't get me wrong, i love tomato sauce, but for realz, bistro cafe? COME ON.

lunch was great anyway. BIRCH BEER.

i can't stop reading about the campaign and the debates. if you missed it last night, i highly recommend tracking the videos down. the whole night really blew my mind. mccain came off as petty and whiny, when he wasn't insulting obama's intelligence and then calling him elitist in the same breath (let's take a minute to remember who went to harvard and has a JD, and who graduated 894 out of 899 from the naval academy), he was jerking and blinking like the apoplectic curmedgeon he is. obama stayed SO cool, calmly responding to most of mccain's points carefully, completely and dare i say it? eloquently. that was some great television. and bob scheifer was great! really, and admirable and aggressive job with the moderation sir.

oh, and towards the end mccain confused autism with down's syndrome and then spouted a bunch of bullshit about no child left behind and i got pissed. good times.

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