Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the sandwich was replaced

i went back to wichcraft and apologized for taking the wrong sandwich, and they made me a new one. and gave me fancy sandwich cookie; lemon poppy seed filled with blueberry jam.

and a cinnamon roll.

additionally, one of the people i support just stopped by and gave me REALLY fancy chocolate cupcake leftover from 'tea time' (she's australian). adorable!

the universe seems to be telling me that baked goods are an acceptable alternative to actual happiness, and i think i agree with it. them? do you address the universe in the plural or the singular? i mean, there's one, but there's also possibly (definitely?) an infinity of them. shit, can we really not get away from the trinity versus unity question, western intellectual thought? it's been like... 1800 years, at least.

i am going home shortly. i will sit on my couch for no more than 2 hours vegging, and then i will go to bed. it will be good for my soul, since my soul was forced to watch 6 full hours of improv but had a mere half a quesadilla for 'dinner' yesterday. that's bad, even according to my pathetic standards. sorry soul!


Michelle said...

your soul needs macaroni and cheese.

ruby sneakers said...

i wish i'd seen this before i went home, i would have gone to s'mac and gotten a thing to take home. GAH!