Friday, October 3, 2008

katey needs

some dance music; a mix of older hip-hop hits and new shit. for tonight, before 8. a zip file of stuff would be best. is easy and free and not mostly in german. if you are able to help a gal out, leave me a comment with your email address and i can even walk you through the steps of zipping the files and using yousendit.

thanks it advance.


Six Sider said...

"Not Mostly In German" is a great team/band name.

I of course have no music of any value. I fully accept that my music taste sort of blows.

ruby sneakers said...

gah you jerk, i got so excited that someone had some music for me. damn it.

one of the guys camped out in the conference room has some stuff on his computer i could use, but i feel sort of bad announcing 'okay, which one of you assholes' itunes is called 'jimboland' and has abba's full catalogue on it?'