Monday, September 29, 2008

assorted sundries

i bought 4 young adult novels centering primarily on a magical theme. i am choosing to call them 'research' and not be embarrassed by them.

standing for an 1.5 hour show, then dancing / running around / standing and talking for an additional 5 hours now, SUDDENLY makes my back seize up. I'M SOOOO OLD!

i was told that i look like the youngest of my sisters and that i have translucent skin over the weekend (2 different conversations) and i had two of my weirdest fears (suspicions?) confirmed. le sigh.

it's incredibly nice to have someone you respect validate your talent, even if it's late at night at a ucb party, and it means nothing... really, it's still nice. REMEMBER TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE AND FEEL GOOD. we have that power to do that for each other. let's fucking use it, humanity.

i still haven't watched the dvr'd debates. i'll try to make myself after work tonight.

fuck i am tired. but great weekend. kisses!

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