Thursday, September 11, 2008

several items of note

i went to bed at 10 pm last night. insanity.

matt little's in the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. true insanity. can't the kid get a break? fucking bummer. there'll be a card for people to sign at cagematch tonight. positive thoughts vibing out that way.

been thinking a lot about 9/11/01 today. that day... i like to take a few minutes and think about that day and the subsequent weeks every year, at least. i'd recount my day, but it was pretty unremarkable. one of my most vivid memories was holding anne wheeler as she sat in her triple on the 4th floor, immobile but with tears streaming down her face because she couldn't get in touch with her family (basically her entire extended family lived in styvestant town). i remember the way her hair smelled. later that week, i think thursday, i couldn't stand being inside so i went and read 'no exit' on the quad and watched the planes flying by and wondering how the world was going to change, and how i didn't think it was fair, because my generation hadn't even gotten a chance to start before everything changed. i remember hearing arguments about 'the death of irony' and getting incredibly mad about that. i remember my first thoughts of KNOWING that the president would get on TV immediately and make it clear that we couldn't over-react out of grief to this situation, and that we had to make extra certain to not assume that our neighbors and brothers from the middle east were involved just because it was easy to lash out; and i remember being numb and betrayed when that decidedly didn't happen. i remember being so sad and scared at the images of people falling, and at the idea of all those firefighters and cops who went back in. i remember crying for my roommate's father who was in the navy and just off a tour. i remember it, and i think it's important to remember and share what we remember. i didn't intend for this to be so long. i think sometimes we all need to proust out a little.

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