Thursday, September 4, 2008


i am maturing and learning to clean and stay more organized, or new obsessive behaviors are brewing. either way, i'll take it, my kitchen sink is so nice and clean!

i think i need to start performing regularly again. or at least rehearsing. it's been... AT LEAST 2 weeks since i was a dragon or a monk or a petulant child or a one-eyed tomcat begging for change on the subway platform.

*1000000 points if you know which of those i actually play on a regular basis. BOOYEAH.

additionally... i am really appalled that people seem to be falling for this sarah palin move. although i must say i did fall for the comedy-pandering of picking someone with the same last name as a british comedy legend. WAY TO PANDER TO THE FAR LEFT OF ALTERNATIVE COMEDY, MCCAIN CAMP!

for realz though, here's a great article my friend posted:

another thought: i forgot. but dancing is awesome, tell your friends!

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Michelle said...

A dancing monk, clearly.