Tuesday, September 16, 2008

dance shawl

this week's been really weird for me so far. yesterday i was sent home while still in the midst of paying for my morning coffee, because a pipe burst in our building and most of the place was flooded. i ended up doing laundry and then wandering for most of the day. it was like having a three day weekend but instead of wasting that magical day sleeping, i actually got up early and got a lot of shit done. as opposed to my roommate, who neither emptied the trash, nor replaced the spent light bulb in the kitchen (i can't reach it). and i do get that. sometimes doing nothing begets the ability to ONLY do nothing, but at some point, even my terribly lazy ass is shaken up to do something. and half heartedly washing one dish doesn't count as something.

today i came in to find my desk still in disarray, which meant there was plaster and semi-dried out detritus of notes i had taken and left for myself strewn all about the top of the desk and the floor. they'd pulled everything off the top of my desk and on to the floor for it to dry (better?). gross. it smells like an old basement in my corner of the office. finally, after much adventuring and fortunate sightings of the one IT guy i've met to let him know that my computer hadn't been moved up to the conference room my area is now squatting in, i was set up today at 3 pm. a side note: i rarely post much in the way of career-advice here, but the one constant i've learned in my 3 years in 'corporate' america is to always befriend the IT guy. usually they're similarly nerdy and desperate for attention, so i get the benefit of someone to discuss star trek with, and the ability to download shit. although they are not often good audiences. too self-absorbed to play along with any bit but their own.

i did get to go buy a book to amuse myself, which is awesome, and i get to 'expense' it apparently. thrilling! i bought steve martin's born standing up, i've burned through the 3/4s of it already. very worthwhile read, comedians. i'll post some pertinent excerpts soon.

now i need to go back down to my dreadful, mildewy desk area and pick up some work to do. i've almost got the hang of it here. ALMOST.

improv specific post to follow.

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