Tuesday, September 16, 2008

some improv thoughts

i am going to transcribe some notes i took while watching a show i hated. when i read them later, i could still sense the vitriol, but i also really liked the way some of the stuff was phrased.

reproduced as accurately as possible: (i was writing in lavender)

-justification w/o game is boring
-game (pattern) w/o justification is also boring
-just calling shit out is lazy & boring and negative
-calling out unusual behavior is wanted by the audience & responsible, supportive improv
-forcing 'game' is creepy and frustrating
-calling out is a way of avoiding committing to the scene and your character choice
-have your scene partner's reaction force you to play your pattern / game.
-don't be fucking combative.
-don't be confused or upset by the mundane.

that last is probably my favorite. it happens so often, and it's almost always boring and frustrating to watch.

and a note from a later point, on the other side of the page:

Zach Woods always wears blue button down shirts.

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