Monday, September 22, 2008

oh and

i adopted a cat. from the backyard of a theatre where i tech and perform occasionally. obviously. i still need to bring him to the vet and get him fixed and all. his name is dinosaur. he's quite friendly, but we are working on behavior and stuff, and getting to know each other. his tail has a ton of attitude, and is way more expressive than his face. also he likes to wipe it right in your face in the morning. thanks, dinosaur!

honestly, this is kind of scary. i am excited, but this is the first time i've owned a pet that doesn't live in a cage, and which my mom probably won't steal away and keep for herself. it is making me realize how profoundly selfish i am at this stage in my life. it's pretty disgusting. i don't really do ANYTHING for anyone besides me. it's the katey show, 24-7. i think this will be good, being forced to be responsible for another being's life.

also, dinosaur's got SPOTS! and tiger stripes on his legs. god, he's the most badass cat ever, i can tell.

until we cut his little cat balls off, anyway. muahahahaha!! RESPONSIBILITY! AH AH AH!

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FrequencyDown said...

The one behind Under St.Marks?!

I was thinking of that cat today and thinking "When I go back I'm going to bring treats for the kitty".