Wednesday, September 17, 2008

halloween costumes

soliciting suggestions for halloween costumes.

to give some guidelines:

i was considering going as ford prefect
last year i went as a hipster (bleaah) (mostly so i could wear sneakers)
i have gone as the elven hero legolas greenleaf
i have also been hermione granger
favorite costume last year: guy as shawn from shawn of the dead. well done, funny and subtle without being 'ungettable'. i yelled after him what an awesome costume it was.

i won't wear a costume that is overly uncomfortable or pointlessly revealing or not-weather-appropriate. i would prefer a character i am familiar with. my hair's really too short to do hermione or legolas again.
i could maybe get away with granger, but i am not really feeling it.

i am willing to buy portions of the costume, but won't buy something premade. will totally crossdress.

go to it, the internets! provide me with a plethora of awesome suggestions!

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ruby sneakers said...

so the only comment i got was from a spam bot. awesome.

i think'll just go as dr. house.