Wednesday, September 24, 2008

cats are so weird!

i had to be out ALL DAY yesterday. i left my apartment at 9 am and got back at 2:55 am the next day. having a cat literally flip its shit out when you finally come home after being gone that long is... well a reminder that you routinely are 'out' in the world for nearly 24 hours at a time. dinosaur sat on my chest and attempted to burrow physically into my heart when i got home. and then i shoveled his poop out of his litter box. he seems to be intent on getting at least one good, huge poop stuck firmly to the bottom of the box, every day. thaaaaanks cat!

also, he is utterly fascinated with my scooping his litter box. he sits and watches me like it's the most interesting thing ever. is this weird? are cats as interested in their poop as people are, when they are honest? eh, he's probably just trying to hunt my fingers.

fun improv night last night. in a jam, i had a tag out scene with gethard, and the intensity and honesty he put into asking a worker at victoria's secret to try on a thong but to make sure and stuff it in order to mimic a dick fitting into it... well, it was a mini-improv lesson in committment. bluvband yelled that there were snakes coming out of alan's bosom and then shot himself with a rifle. all around great times.

i am so tired. might be getting sick. loving this weather though.

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