Thursday, December 18, 2008

damn it, firefox

i had a pretty solid entry going, which i actually 'liked' according to the scale of how loathsome i generally find my writing, and firefox fucking ate it. it's been kind of sucking lately, which i hate because firefox is supposed to be awesome. i was sold on its awesomeness factor. and the fact that it is the default browser for my company!

lately firefox's been totally fucking up my emails in gmail, and the formatting on most blogspots. if gchat or the codes on the messagboards i frequent were also getting fucked up, i would probably be moved to see if there was something i could do to fix it or update something, but instead i choose to be annoyed by it on a daily basis.

unrelated: expense reports can choke on a big fucking bag of broken dicks.

mr. stephen fry recently wrote a blog entry about taking joy in language that really got to me; i think i stopped or at least smothered my instinct for this part way through college in an attempt to make myself into an intelligible writer. however, lately i am finding that i am giving myself leeway in playing with the sounds and flow of language as i utterly fail to write things that are cohesive and interesting, or even have legible syntax. but i'd rather have fun with words, i think. and maybe eventually hire a life-editor.

i leave you with a quote:
'i have to believe i am a desperately pathetic lyricist... or i will become the desperately pathetic lyricist i know that i am.'
-david john matthews


Adam Hobson said...

FireFox has been messing with me lately as well, even to the point where if I NEED to get something done, I've been switching over to Safari. I don't know what's wrong, but it just doesn't seem very stable any more, and I've even removed nearly all of my FF extensions incase one of them was the problem.

Corey Brown said...

I type all my entries in Word then paste them into blogger. That way if Word crashes, it backs itself up.