Friday, December 19, 2008

that's IT

i hearby declare not to care whether or not anyone thinks what i have to say is interesting or valid! e.g. i am listening to matchbox 20 right now.

expense reports are making me insane.

so is procrastination.

my tv is on my cedar trunk. it looks adorable. and so, so small. tay had a massive plasma HD tv. roommates!

i think i need more caffeine. and also, to stop drinking so much caffeine.

i saw a two people get into a nearly full-blown fight on the train platform last night. i didn't walk away, and i stayed right close so that i COULD intervene, but i didn't. my brain just kind of strangled out 'AUTHORITY! PLZ! SOMEONE IN A UNIFORM TAKE CARE OF THIS!'. finally a goth kid got up and stood between them. the guy in the fight wasn't huge, but he was definitely bigger than the woman he was shoving all around the platform. i feel like a fucking dick. thanks A LOT, stanley milgram.

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