Monday, December 1, 2008

i don't know why i am surprised

i always get things before I get them. it's the same way with academic writing. or writing generally. if i were to read my shit as critically as i read other stuff, i would want to scratch my eyes out for writing stuff so stupidly. my college mentor and i had some discussions about this. however, i think it's because i am nothing special and most people get things before they can replicate them.

the 6 train choked on a bag of dicks this morning. took me almost 40 minutes to get to grand central. i need to look into neighborhoods for potential moving-into. i am thinking long island city or astoria maybe. i think both might be pretty expensive though. grumble i hate change.

my starbucks lady said she LOVED me this morning. i am barely functional at 9:... 45 in the morning, but i can still make baristas fall in love with me. I HAVEN'T LOST IT YET, NEW YORK! YEAAAH!

my favorite pens are pilot razor points in blue. THERE ARE CABINETS FULL OF THEM AT MY OFFICE! IT'S AWESOME!

i still need to buy a winter hat. i saw one i liked at REI at home, but i didn't buy it because my sister had a coupon, but then we didn't get back there before we left. i sort of want a mad bomber hat, but my OCD tendencies make me hesitant to get a hat with fur that i can't really wash. it'll be touching my face and stuff you guys. WHAT IF IT FALLS ON THE GROUND I WILL HAVE TO BUY A NEW HAT THAT'S WHAT.

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Michelle said...

if you give me your colors i will crochet you a silly, washable hat with earflaps.