Friday, December 12, 2008

what? no!

my last post got all kinds of erased, but the gist of it was that i am now reading 'watchmen' for the first time, and i am having to learn how to read comic books, because it's not like regular reading. i got it on tuesday, and it's slow going, but i like it so far.

then i was waiting for a train last night in the miserable rain (the entrance to the C E at 25th street was FLOODED ENTIRELY - there was no possible way to get to the entrance from the stairs with out jumping into several inches of water. i swore for a bit and then walked to the 23rd street entrance). i was reading said graphic novel when a guy approached me and said 'that's watchmen', to which i tried to reply non-sarcastically, as the title is emblazoned upon the front of the book in black and yellow. we began talking, and he assured me he was 'not just some guy', but rather from the UCB. apparently he'd just taken kate spencer's class (which met while i was the intern on duty) so he recognized me. kate was really great about telling her class to see the 'In A World...' shows, so several of the class did. Apparently this not-just-some-guy-but-rather-a-UCB-guy had been told about me (?) by someone else, who raved about 'THIS GIRL WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT COMIC BOOKS!!1'. presumably because i have a vagina, this is exciting and noteworthy news.

however, because i am a nerd, i felt the need to insist to him that i actually didn't know much about comic books at all, despite being caught red-handed reading the Graphic Novel to End All Other Graphic Novels, which is in and of itself ABOUT comic book characters, and having done the core scene of a comic book characters deconstruction show (which, i assume, is what this other person had gathered his conclusions from). i went on to explain that i was having a hard time reading 'watchmen', and that all i know about comic books comes from either the early 90's x-men cartoon or 'the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay'. and thinking back to that show (which i don't even like doing, as it was pretty frustrating show), the only real cache i had was that jean grey was phoenix... but x-men 3 established that! it's not even cool to know that anymore, right? i don't know because i don't know that much about comic books.

i felt guilty! i wanted to point out all my friends who are INFINITELY bigger comic book fans than myself, merely by dint of actually liking comic books! brett white! matt little! dave bluvband! will hines! kevin hines! basically everyone i know! or eliza skinner! she's hilarious, gorgeous, possessing of a vagina and ACTUALLY knows about comic books! like, knows a lot, as far as i can tell, which isn't that far because HAVE I MENTIONED I DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW MUCH ABOUT COMIC BOOKS!! i was looking for anything to assure him that i didn't presume to actually have any real knowledge about comic books.

but he didn't ever seem to believe me. so i can only conclude, that thanks indirectly to kate spencer, i now have a reputation for being both a comic books expert and a pathological liar! thanks! THANKS A BUNCH KATE SHEESH!

not really, kate's the best. i am just... weird. it was weird. i guess i just need to be more careful about where i read that book. but really it was weird to be known, in whatever small and specific way. stop it! don't know me! i'm nothing! i haven't even read batman year one! BAD NERD!

however, in related 'in a world...' news, i am heading out to do sweaterprov at the creek in LIC with a mash up of the two teams (just who was available to do it, we haven't changed the line up). the show is free and at 8 pm. come out if you want!


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to read the Watchmen too! We should opine together.


benzado said...

He was probably trying to compliment your comic book knowledge as a form of hitting on you.

ruby sneakers said...

while you might be right, ben, that doesn't change anything about my reaction to it or my post. but thank you for your insight.

Dave B said...

I'll forgive you for using x- men 3 as a source for anything just this once.