Sunday, December 28, 2008

still. in. maine.

i need to get out of here. i think i'll just walk to camden; it's like a quarter mile down the street, and i can get some espresso and sit at a cafe table and pretend i am in brooklyn. but have people SMILE friend...-ily at you. that's a thing they do, apparently. i forgot about that. people kept smiling politely and warmly at the grocery store yesterday. and points to hannaford's too, they actually had sabra hummus, which is kind of the best hummus.

oh yay, another home-for-the-holidays blogpost from someone living in the city, SHOCKED at the friendliness and availability of common goods in the uncharted backwaters of the SUBURBS!!!1 how tiresome.

i think we are going to stop at a verizon store tomorrow so i can pick out a new phone. i've had a really shitty razr for just about 2 years, which i loathe to the core of it's shitty battery and terrible software navigation. maybe if i have a phone i like i'll actually USE it to call people! right! that should be plenty of impetus to get one, right? eh i don't care. all phones that aren't iphones or smartphones seem to totally suck right now, so i don't really care what i get as long as it's nicer / more functional than what i have. which shouldn't be hard.


i have been charged with two creative challenges: 1) write a paragraph of hemingway as douglas adams would, and a paragraph of adams as hemingway would write it and 2) write 3 jokes so nerdily embedded into the world of dune as to be too inexplicably intertwined as to not be funny or even understandable to someone without an intimate and immediate knowledge of
DUNE. i am less entranced with actually doing either of these than the idea that i was given the challenge to do them. my friends is CRAZY!

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