Monday, December 15, 2008

this happened friday night.

friday, i had a show at the creek in long island city but it ended in plenty of time for me to make it to the east village for the rogue show, so i did. and it was plenty of time. people performing had been concerned that there wouldn't be enough people at the show so i decided to make the effort. plus i hadn't seen rogue in ages and i love them. however, to my pleasant surprise, the place was packed and the only seat available that wasn't in the front row (and i won't sit in the front row) was an awkward stool, so i perched on it for 20 minutes. then literally 1 minute before the show started, nate asked me to tech for them, so i popped up into the booth, tried desperately to figure out how he'd set up the lights, and switch the music and start the show. it was a little frantic, but it worked. they like a really tight, short show and i've finally learned to just accept it and do what they want. i am so opinionated! but anyway it was fun. we trapsed over to grassroots, where a table of hot girls assembled to talk about boys and laugh at them and fulfill all their nightmares about what girls really think of them. generally, a fun night.

HOWEVER, UPON PREPARING TO DEPART early saturday morning, i walked to the back of the bar to find two guys GOING THROUGH MY PURSE. one had my IPOD in HIS HAND. i flipped some serious shit. i snatched my ipod away and started berating the kid and going through my purse to make sure everything was still in it (it was), and found that they’d broken my damn eyeglasses case and pulled stuff out and then shoved it back in. the guy made some comment to the effect that they thought ‘anyone who had that music and was reading 'watchmen' was a friend of theirs'. ??? i don’t know how that makes going through someone’s shit okay, but apparently he thought it did. he asked me if i wanted any money for my glasses case and i said no, but i probably should have said yes. UGH. at least i caught him and was able to berate him for it for a few minutes.

many drunk thanks to my drunk friends who tried to drunkenly follow the drunk guys out and drunk punch them. fortunately the assholes had left so no one could get into trouble. friends are pretty awesome, you guys.

fucktards. i should have gotten his name too. assholes!

the rest of my weekend was spent in a weird haze. i guess i was just tired. still trying to bust out of it now.

longest harold night of the year tomorrow. this year's marks the 3rd anniversary of the first harold night i ever saw! nerdy!

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