Monday, December 15, 2008


i finished 'watchmen' last night. i think kevin hines was right, not the best one to start with. i'll probably try V for Vendetta next. or sandman, but that's a pretty big undertaking.

ugh i feel like shit.

oh and quick review of son of a witch: good but not satisfying. and i doubt the one in the series that just came out is going to add to or change that.


Hal said...

It's not as big-name as some other stuff, but might I suggest The Maxx by Sam Keith as a weird, but amazing, comic?

Trust me.

Kevin Hines said...

I've read and enjoyed Maxx - I'd say hold off on it - definitely based on our earlier conversation.
V for Vendetta is a good choice.

Hal said...


Y'know what's good and just got re-released? "Kill Your Boyfriend", by Grant Morrison (my hero). Just like how Watchmen works better if you're familiar with superheroes, this is totally separate from comic-book-world. Not superheroes or sci-fi or action-adventure. It's what mainstream comics should be.