Wednesday, December 31, 2008

back in new york! i love you new york!

okay super quick update.

minus 1: aerobed
minus 1: a father who keeps the house at 64 degrees
minus 1: not having sunglasses on a sunny fucking ride to poughkeepsie
plus 1: new phone!
plus 1: great battery life!
plus 1: phone has qwerty keyboard!
minus 1: $160 for a NOT A COOL iPHONE!
plus 1: sister figured out how to get old pics from old phone!
minus 1: poughkeepsie.
plus 1: got along with family! had fun!
plus 1: presents!
minus 1: terrible allergies --> asthma from papa's house.
minus 1: having FIVE heavy bags to bring on metronorth.
minus 1: ticket to 125th street from poughkeepsie: 18 fucking dollars.
minus 1: carrying 5 HEAVY bags to train, getting on train and walking to apartment (almost collapsed).
plus 1: apple crisp!
plus 1: gen-u-ine new york starbucks iced caramel macchiato!
plus 1: harold night! friends! comedy! chelsea!
plus 1: jammin with ralph!
plus 1/minus 1: own performance in jam
plus 1: mcmanus
minus 1: 6 train running express
plus 1: 6 train running local north of grand central
plus 1: tate's cookies, bodegas AND tuna fish sandwiches
plus 1: a sweet cat!
minus 1: crazy asshole cat PUTTING A DAMN HOLE IN MY NEW DAMN MITTEN.
plus 1: new years! dresses! parties! friends! dancing!

okay i am done. i don't feel like doing the math BUT here's the result of the equation: I AM GLAD TO BE BACK IN NEW YORK I'M GONNA GO GET IN MY BED NOM NOM NOM!

note to self, via george carlin:
language / big world / little world

p.s. attitude!

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