Saturday, December 27, 2008

john frusciante, you're always right!

i am watching craig ferguson, which is not a show i usually attempt to catch, but i think i love it. i've been a fan of mr ferguson since the drew carey show, and following him in several adorable british tragicomedies, and have seen the show on occasion, but DAMN - his opening bits are so fun. he revels in how fun it is, which i singularly adore. i think i'll try to watch it more regularly. and grill john reynolds about the show when i get a chance. i don't know about the quality of the rest of the show, but i am enjoying the monologues. plus he's an addict who's overcome adversity AND he loves rolling his eyes. and 'R's, being all scottish and all.

oh man, newbury comics still exists? point to you, new england.

there's actually a fair amount of shopping i want to do in MA, but i will not get the chance. maybe this will encourage me to come back more often. jk, it won't.

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