Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"What songs I want to play at my funeral"

i dunno, chris, what songs do you want to play at your funeral? we've never discussed it. HA!  aren't i clever, misinterpreting your question that way!  ha ha ha i am GRAND!  personally, i am a fan of really intensely emotional songs OR solid pop singles with a good hook. so i would suggest 'halloween' by the dave matthews band from the recently EP. your family would especially love the 'TELL ME ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH FUCKING?! / DON'T WALK AWAY! DON'T WALK AWAY I'M TALKING TO YOU, LOVEY-DOVE!!' refrain.  

hmmm, i wrote that back in july. totally dumb.  however, halloween is an awesome song though. whoa, it just came up on my itunes. fuck yeah, well played itunes.  2 points to you, apple.  here is my real response, added sometime in october i think.  not sure why i never actually posted it, but here you are now, internets!  i have kind of a lot of stuff in my drafts that i never finished writing for this place.  i probably should.  most of it i hate though.  

to address your question seriously, i think i would have green gloves by the national, #34 by the dave matthews band, and then... something that everyone needs to get up and dance and sing to... i think under pressure by bowie and queen fits the requirements of being fucking badass, grandiose enough to sing to really hard, and well known enough that everyone should know at least the choruses. chori?

otherwise, i'd like to funeral to be somewhat upbeat, but people need closure and time to grieve. i think many people in the 'upbeat funeral' cultures tend to not actually deal with the death of a loved one. it's often true in the irish tradition, anyway. so it should be a party, but not a very FUN party.

not in a church or a religious ceremony, obviously. my mom might be hurt by that, but i dunno. she can have her own funeral and run it ANY WAY SHE WANTS.

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