Friday, January 9, 2009


it's nice to feel justified in wikipedia article hopping. i am reading about marie curie. fascinating!

a friend's status message reminded me about the dismemberment plan, which means i am now listening to emergency & i and it's great!

long post coming up whenever i can finish it.

i feel like i am having an allergy attack, but it's been for like 2 days straight, which is weird. i definitely don't feel like i have a cold. and my eyes are itchy, which is usually straight allergies. i got some chlortrimeton (the best allergy medicine) so i should stop pussy-footing around and just use it. or at least put it in my bag so i have it if i want to use it.

i want to go up to the sacred paper goods closet and steal some lotiony tissues, but i have a stack of brown paper napkins at my desk that i should use up.

worst update ever? polls say yes.

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