Wednesday, January 7, 2009

nearly maximum exhaustion levels, captain

i have a busy month coming in january. i've already had the first of my two installments of the lorelei (!); booking them is often a struggle for me, and then the actual shows themselves are usually pretty stressful. this last one was less so though; i tried to relax about the jokes i was writing (aka planning on writing... okay wrote while walking from the train to the venue) and did one riff entirely off the cuff, which was nice. and the show on the 18th is almost totally booked, possibly. so less stress, right? hopefully.

in january, i have class two nights a week this whole month. monday and wednesday. i was exhausted by the thought of it ON monday. and the necessary hanging-out-afterwards time. and harold night (8-12:30ish). and i intern on thursdays from 6 until nearly 11. and then there's cagematch after that.... oh no.

wait! friday! free, lovely friday! no. i am going to a historical society. and then probably seeing a show and going out to celebrate a night when i CAN go out. well i can do my laundry and regain my sanity on saturday then, right? oh wait, no, i have to ride the train sans pants on saturday. well saturday night then! no, i am doing stand up at a show besides my own... okay fine... sunday. sunday works.

living for sunday.

oh shit i need a roommate still. fuck. and a place to live come may. and my tub is leaking and my fire alarm was found by me in two pieces on the floor when i came home from my winter holidays break. and i dropped my ipod nearly onto the train tracks the other night when it fell out of my pocket. i nearly lost it. thank goodness for my crazy-protective ipod case.

and i haven't been to sleep before 3 am once this week.

enough manufactured stress for one post. i leave you with this, fans of 'the office':
thanks, neil.

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