Sunday, January 18, 2009

the lorelei

i have a show tonight at 8 pm at the parkside lounge, and if i do say so myself, it's an awesome line up. KROMPF, oscarbait, will hines and ari voukydis doing stand up sets, and um... me doing stand up / hosting stuff! this show is going to be great, i am super excited for it.

i am frustrated with my hair. i don't know why it's so different this time around, it's basically the same cut i got in june. but somehow exactly wrong. plan on seeing me futz with it constantly for the next 2 months.

it sounds like the people upstairs have turned into elephants. they keep stomping around and dropping stuff. i hope it's a 'fun' stomping and not a 'fight' stomping. i seriously cannot tell.

no bites on craigslist yet. this sucks.

going to do my hair. and figure out what to wear.

day off tomorrow. i am... so glad.

my cat seems to find the scent of the back of my hand intruiging. weirdo.

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