Monday, January 5, 2009

um UGH

one of my favorite things about my job is the bathrooms. the regular bathrooms are really nice; great soap, good size, good light, actually kept clean (at my old job, none of those things were true). however, there is also a private, handicapped accessible, genderless bathroom on every floor for available for private pooping, dancing, just making weird noises for no reason and/or just moaning. anyway, it's awesome. however, today as i lifted my pants up after partaking in the private bathroom awesomeness, i felt something WET... there had been some it-better-have-been-water on the floor and somehow a fold of my pants had been... dipped into it. FUCK. THAT. ewwwww yuck yuck yuck. i have class tonight, and no time to change, and these are my default 'nice' jeans. damn it. and i don't have time to do laundry until FRIDAY night so it looks like i will be operating on a minus 1 jeans default until then. bummer.

a thing i hate myself for: having the same thought as everyone else about something. does that not make sense? i dunno. here's an example: we have a giant glass bottle of listerine in the bathroom. it's not really a bottle, it's a tank. a 3 gallon tank of listerine. sometime in early october, it ran out and wasn't replaced. i silently took it as a sign of the economic downturn. however, right before our holiday party, the giant listerine tank returned. i thought to myself 'ha! looks like the depression is over!' in a tongue-in-cheek, sardonic manner. while at the holiday party, talking to some of my co-workers, someone mentioned the listerine tank, and immediately two people went 'omg looks like the depression is over! omglollol!11'... and i felt like an asshole. i'm presenting my thoughts onstage as a comedian, and yet i had the same damn, stupid quip as two random people? unacceptable, right? what the fuck gives me the right to go on a stage and hold a microphone and dispense my thoughts like some kind of expert when two assholes off the street had the same exact thought as me? and said it quicker in the conversation? i am being both overdramatic and an 'i'm so smart'- elist, but my skin does crawl when this happens. i kind of hate all my stupid jokes for that reason. i still tell some of them, generally because they get a good reaction, but a little more of my soul dies every time i do. sigh. i am out of my mind.

regardless, i had a fun show last night! yay! three GREAT duos, dc pierson rocked the jokes and a hobbled together team of nearly veteran improvisers closed the show and brought the house down. i like that 'my' generation of people in the improv community are getting to the point where they can play with anyone and still have a ton of fun onstage. we aren't clinging to our established teams, stuck firmly to whatever identity or 'character' we play with that team. i mean, to be fair, any group that has as many spontaneous improv jams as we do will rapidly get over issues with playing with new people, but i felt the need to make the point anyway. the point being is that we are pretty fucking awesome.

the lorelei can be super fucking fun. last month, when it wasn't fun, i was in a funk for a week. and i call it a funk, but that's being fairly blase about it. it's fucking awful when it's bad. but when it's great... it's the greatest feeling. everyone in the performing arts should see 'the wrestler'. anyway, the show is moving to twice a month, so on january 18th, anyone in the area can come see me do it again! and ideally have written more jokes for it!

okay. new class starts tonight. i am fucking PSYCHED. we managed to figure out like 70% of the people in the class in roughly 2 days, so i am partially just excited to see the ones we didn't figure out. but like 90% of my excitement is in having joe wengert as a teacher again. i haven't had him since i was in 301, which feels like it was roughly 20 years ago, and i am thrilled to have the experience again. he's my favorite teacher!

yay comedy!

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