Monday, January 12, 2009

a post a post look it's a post

sorry, internet, i've been elsewhere in my thoughts recently.

fear. i need to write about fear. it's holding me back a great deal. i don't think it is a lack of confidence, which is a kind of fear, but rather a true, profound fear that is holding me back and causing me to react negatively and pull asshole shit onstage and off. that is improv specific. the thing i need to work on with stand up is mostly just slowing down and saying things more deliberately. i have conversational down, a little more polish wouldn't hurt. and i am not eddie izzard, i don't get an hour and half to ramble on. and i wouldn't wear heels do it, either.

okay switching to strictly british comedian updates, away from any thoughts about my insecurities or short-comings, i am watching youtube clips of QI, the british quiz show hosted by stephen fry. i absolutely adore it, and was going to post about it anyway because it has the ability to almost instantly lift and improve my mood, which has been inching steadily towards the dangerously black for the last few days - however, stephen just directly quoted 'the restaurant at the end of the universe' in a question and i teared up a little. that NEVER happens on american television. i think this means i must move to london.

also, they swear a lot. <3


Anonymous said...

I have the first five seasons of QI on my computer if you want 'em.

ruby sneakers said...

quite possibly. we can chat tomorrow.