Monday, January 26, 2009

jk totally sick now

right now THE ILLNESS is staying confined to my throat area, which is good because it means i am at least mildly functional, and bad because it means i am on a soup/other hot liquids diet for the next few days.  good thing i stayed up making all the buffalo chicken dip for the week, right?!  grumble.  

the only sore throat stuff i have expired last may, which apparently means it's not as strong as it was.  bummer.  that's what i get for living alone and not in a household with lots of other people getting sick all the time.  i'll take it!

other stuff:
just read on neil gaiman's blog that there is an attempt brewing to essentially ban children from libraries in order to test all books everywhere for lead containment... which is crazy for a bunch of reasons, but primarily because publishers have tested all the components of books published and found them to contain miniscule amounts of lead, well below the allowable amounts.  also crazy because it's just another way to 'protect' our children from the dangers of books.  vomit.  here is a link to the original letter from a woman in the national library association.  i'll see what i can do to help this afternoon.

'stuff' implies plurality, but that is all i have.

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