Friday, January 23, 2009

two thoughts, almost entirely unrelated to one another

1) hate the new starbucks cups.  the bottoms is all weird and crenallated and it seems less stable.  the new covers are SUPER stiff; which means they cut into your hand, cut the straw way more easily and worst of all, don't seal well so leaks seem impossible to avoid.  not a fan.

2)  i am sure at some point it was accurate, but the versions i played (including the super old set my mom had from the early 70s), the revolver in clue was never a revolver.  why did i just notice that now?  why did it occur to me while i was walking up lexington?  the world may never know.



Six Sider said...

wasn't a revolver, what was it? Allthe sets I've had hav been revolves. Pillbox revolvers but still revolvers.

ruby sneakers said...

it was a semi-automatic handgun in all the versions i used. revolvers have a rotating, cylindrical chamber where the rounds are loaded. i am not sure what you mean by a pillbox revolver, and according to google, your comment is now the 3 most relevant article on the subject, so i can't comment further unless i wish to slide into an ever-tightening circle of madness and despair.

Six Sider said...

Ah. I think I meant PEPPERbox revolver. Weird that you had semi-automatics. I've never seen a Cle set with one of those.

All of my clue sets had these:

ruby sneakers said...

ah. yeah, even the older set my mom had from her parents had the semi-automatic.

apparently they re-wrote Clue recently and all the backstory and character names changed. i was so mad when i heard that i haven't been able to bring myself to look it up and confirm.

Dave B said...

Boom! That was my head exploding.