Friday, January 16, 2009

well don't look at me.

we live in strange, rariefied times.  i just wrote a sentence to a person across town, asserting that the elevator told me that it was 16 degrees outside, and i believed it.

i am so ready for this week to be over.

i have started and subsequently not finished two big improv posts this week, i promise to try to complete them coherently and post them up already.

i've been listening to a bunch of albums lately.  like songs in their intended order and format.  LPs; why did i ever abandon you for the playlist?  oh because you are a reasonable length and i like listening obsessively to the same songs over and over again.

jesse falcon and tara copeland are back on harold night.  my head is bursting from all the awesomeness.

thank you, robot show tonight at 10:30, featuring KROMPF and WILDER.  it's going to be so fucking awesome.

the lorelei is sunday; a totally bad ass line up as well: KROMPF, OSCARBAIT, WILL HINES, ARI VOUKYDIS and me, katey healy-wurzburg.  three of us will be telling jokes.  can't wait.  8 pm, parkside lounge, 1/18 FREE.

i have monday off.  i was warned in a corporate email that i could have monday off, but only if i promised to think about MLK Jr. while i was not at work.  that will happen, i promise, corporate email system.  monday night, instead of class, the time capsule is getting together for a night of trivia and snacks and probably drinking.  and hopefully werewolf.  the class is... SUPER fun.  i am so thrilled about our form.  i think it's going to be really successful and fun.

i need a roommate still.  i don't want to spam craigslist, but i am not getting any nibbles from there yet.  ugh.

i have 3 different things i am waiting for from the post office and they haven't come in yet.  i am annoyed by this, federal government!

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